$ 70.00

AT: Newcastle
FOR: All ages
TYPE: Day event
SKILLS COVERED: Identifying, collecting, processing and tasting local bush food.
NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY:  Those with experience also welcome.
COST: $200/person

The Image shows Bush Food and useful plants – (from L to R) of Riberry, Coconut, Native Violet flowers, Lomandra seeds, Scaveola, Pigface, Bull Rush, Dandelion leaves, Clover Flowers, Pandanas seeds, Ribwort, Cape Gooseberry, Dianella, Apple Dumpings, False Sarsparilla, Ground Fern Rhizomes and Bull Rush stems and roots.
Some plants are poisonous, some can be processed to become safe to eat and some are safe to eat. It is really important to be 100% sure of what you are eating and how to safely eat it before putting anything near your mouth!


Product Description

This course is for anyone who has an interest in learning about our native plants, cooking, and tasting new flavors!
You will learn how to identify native edible and medicinal plants.
We will collect and prepare several local plants. This will involve processing some of the more labor-intensive bush foods
You will learn how to cook new recipes by integrating indigenous foods into your “normal” cooking.

ON: 4th March 2018, Sunday 9am-2pm
AT: Newcastle, NSW
FOR: All ages
TYPE: Weekend camp (sat-sun)
SKILLS COVERED: Identification of plants, tasting native foods, cooking with native foods.
COST: $70


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