$ 330.00

Traditional Long-bow Making

with Lars Richter

Saturday 2 – Sunday 3 December

Price: $330, Earlybird $300 if book before 28 October 2017

You will come away from the workshop with the knowledge and skills to make your own longbow. You will learn how to make a bowstring that perfectly complements your own bow and understand the art of tillering, the process of carefully removing wood to cause the bows to bend in optimal arcs.

For more information go to http://narrativeyoga.com.au/workshops/

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Lars Ritcher is once again travelling north from Melbourne and this time it will be on a weekend – Hooray!!!

Price: $330, Earlybird $300 if book before 28 October 2017

Includes one pre-made arrow and all materials to make one bow.

Held at Monkerai near Dungog. Free onsite camping or stay in country style accommodation nearby.

Starts 9.30am Sat. Finish 4.30pm Sunday.

Lars runs many long bow workshops all over the country. For more information go to http://narrativeyoga.com.au/workshops/

“There are only three forms of physical exercises that give equal strength to the joints and blood vessels in our bodies:
yoga, karadi sadhana and archery. I don’t know why people have given up the skill of archery in the present day.”
Sri T. Krishnamacharya




Additional Information

One Adult or mature Teenager


2 reviews for Traditional Long-bow Making – 2-3 December 2017

  1. wildcraftaustralia@gmail.com

    I have a manufactured bow and the bow I made with Lars shoots so much more accurately even though it does not have a sight – it is like we are one. Weird…but great! Comment from a previous participant.

  2. wildcraftaustralia@gmail.com

    Thanks for a great weekend with the longbow making workshop. I appreciated the mix of longbow expertise with the more meditative elements and advice that could be applied to other areas of life. To paraphrase: Don’t get too hung up on the final product without enjoying the journey. You need to enjoy the journey. If you don’t enjoy the journey, you’re missing the point. It was a relaxing time and I’m proud of the work I completed. I would definitely recommend the longbow workshop to others. David

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