$ 295.00

Traditional Tanning Workshop

9am Saturday 28th October – 5pm Sunday 29th October 2017
Monkerai (near Dungog) NSW


At this weekend workshop you will learn practical skills of traditional hide tanning that can be done in a home environment using all natural ingredients and everyday materials and tools.  You will assist your instructors as they demonstrate each step of the process to tan a complete goatskin into soft breathable leather. After practicing on the goat skin, you will fully tan a rabbit pelt to take home.

This course is run in conjunction with skilled traditional tanner Ei Yang, from Renourish Rewild.

It does take time, but leather tanning is a personally rewarding and useful self-sufficiency skill.


Fully catered weekend with camping accommodation (bring your own camping equipment or stay in a natural shelter)

All materials supplied

$295 per person

Product Description

Ei Yang (pronounced like the letter E) is a bushcraft and leather tanning instructor and has been tanning using traditional techniques since training at the Tracker School in 2012.  Ei regularly tans fish, rabbit, goat and deer skin to preserve this time-honoured skill for future generations, for the satisfaction of using ones own leathers and to share these skills with others. 


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