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This camp is now FULL. Those who have been in contact can finalise their booking. If you would like to go on a waiting list, email wildcraftaustralia@gmail.com.

Prices are listed below for you to work out your price for yourself, friends or your family.

Wild camp with challenges for Teens, fun and games for the younger ones and learning for all – parents included.

LOCATION: Bandon Grove, via Dungog NSW

PRICE: Generally price starts at one child and one parent. Pay your deposit to book in today.

Earlybird prices til 16 December 2017

Children 4-18 years

First Child in Family: $350 ($320 Earlybird)

Second Child in Family: $250 ($220 Early Bird)

Subsequent Children in Family: $200 each ($180 earlybird)

Children 1-3 years: $50/child (no earlybird)

Local Children (from Dungog area): $250 ($220 earlybird) (must have an adult to meet children at 12.30pm)


One Parent: $250, Two Parents/carers: $400, (Earlybird: 1 parent: $220, 2 parents: $370)

Adults (without children) $350 (Earlybird $320)

Elders (Grandparents, those over 60) $100 (no earlybird)

Price includes camping, dinners, activities for teens and children each day (3-4 hours), bush skills and mentoring workshops for adults.

Volunteers and Mentors: Do you feel that you have the skills and ability to help with behind the scenes or in a mentoring role? (must have working with children check and have approval from the organisers). Mentors and Volunteers will be needed in the mornings and/or some afternoons and to be available for a group meeting each day. Apply by email to wildcraftaustralia@gmail.com.

Helping out other families and adults that want to come: Some families need some financial support to be able to come. If you are in the position to donate, add a little extra to your price, that can be passed on completely to a family in need.

Book today by putting down your deposit from $250. Elders pay in full.

Second deposit (40% of remaining balance) due one month after booking and balance to be paid 1 week prior to the camp.

Cancellations: Bookings may be transferred to another name at any stage as long as organisers are informed before the camp. Cancellations up to 1 week before the camp will incurr a 20% cancellation fee from the payment, Cancellations within 7 days will not be refunded. If we cancel the program for any reason you will be refunded in full.

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Wild by Nature Village Camp – This camp is now FULL. Those who have been in contact can finalise their booking. To go on the waiting list, email wildcraftaustralia@gmail.com.

17-21 January 2018 Wednesday-Sunday

Earlybird prices til December 16 2017

What does it mean to be ‘Wild by Nature’?

How can we connect with this wildness?

Here is an opportunity for people of all ages and forms to co-create an adventure that will stay with you for life… a mix of earth-skills, wild play, edgy challenges, and a shared story that collectively weave a village basket of awesomeness, one that connects us with the land, each other and ourselves…


Being a village, there will be both vertical and horizontal threads of connection: experiences that link the youngest to the eldest and developmentally appropriate activities that meet the needs of each group. For example…



  • ‘Peas and Pods’ (toddlers and carers): mindfully supported wild play and exploration of their natural world… an immersion in story, song, magic and wonder.
  • ‘Saplings’ (Infant school age): Wild play with introduction to earth skills, movement and awareness and the invitation to participate in games and activities that develop these.
  • ‘Tree Poles’ (Primary school age): Increasing levels of adventure, wild skills and challenges.
  • Young Warriors (Teenagers):

Key earth skills and challenges (fire, shelter, tools and crafts, stalking, ‘hunting’ and ecological knowledge) aimed to build confidence, awareness of self and ‘other’, and a sense of growth and accomplishment.

Wanderers (adults), Village Trees (parents) and Elder Trees (grandparents/elders):

  • Optional earth skills sessions each day (e.g. fire, shelter, weaving, bush tucker), and perhaps a few by night.
  • Wild awareness and sensory meditation.
  • Opportunities to interact with each other and the Wildlings in ways that promote mutual respect, understanding and joyful connection.

The whole experience will be contained within a natural and human community where sharing of stories, song, play and responsibility create the feel of a proper village.



Contact Nikki 0412216485 or Mahli 0424157075


How will it work?

The camp will run for five days, Wednesday afternoon till Sunday midday. Through the course of the camp we will offer a variety of workshops, activities and experiences that foster a sense of ‘wildness’ (natural connectedness).


Although much of the camp encourages full village connection, we will have periods most mornings after breakfast where the ‘wildlings’ and ‘young warriors’ are encouraged to go off with our experienced ‘wild guides’ to embark on their own adventures, whilst adults and parents are offered various skills/workshops.


In the afternoons (lunch onwards), families take responsibility for their children (though often the whole village is there to support), and we will have a mix of free play, village service/responsibilities and possibly an optional workshop.


In the evening the whole village gathers for communal dinner (cooked by our awesome ‘wild cook’ and village helpers), sharing of the days stories, storytelling and song, and the chance to relax and chat. There will also be the option embracing the darkness and participating in a night activity or two.


Connecting with Land and Nature

To empower and connect us with the land we will offer a range of activities including sense awareness, wild wandering and exploring, earth skills including fire by friction, natural shelters, natural cordage and weaving, camouflage, natural movement and more. Many of these will be embedded in story, challenges and games as well, so they are accessible for all ages.


Connecting with the Village

There will be a focus on connecting the whole tribe, through village games, song and storytelling. Everyone will also become part of smaller ‘clans’ so that all villagers have a sense of belonging. Clans come together for some group games and activities, check-ins and village responsibilities (eg fire wood collection, food preparation, space clearing etc.).


Connecting with Ourselves

Through a culture of invitation, optional participation, flexibility and flow, and acceptance and support, we hope that all individuals have a chance to connect with their own ‘inner wildling’ and follow their heart wherever it may lead them…


The Village and Wilds

It will take place on private land in Bandon Grove, 20 minutes from Dungog station. Camping will be on the edge of the wilds on a grassy ridge with awesome views. This is a short distance from our village commons (shared eating, fire, play and workshop spaces). There will be access for cars, vans, campers and caravans and there will be a car parking area to keep cars together.

Those in cars will be able to drop off their gear next to their camp site, and then if able, move their car to the car park -this will reduce car movements near camping areas.  We will have basic bush loos (private and with a seat), bush showers (private with a bucket and warm water) and access to emergency shelter. The ridge and road run down through native bushland to a beautiful rocky creek with walkways, wild spaces and swimming holes where we can spend our days away from the heat of the summer sun.


Food and Water

We will provide a nutritious dinners with both simple and more ‘wild’ options (including vegan, vegetarian, gluten and dairy free). The rest of the food is self-catered, though we have some cold storage available. There will be some access to use of kitchen facilities for hot/boiling water and washing up. We will have rainwater available for drinking and washing if needed (though water conservation is a priority and the creek is a perfect way to wash away the days dirt).


Pricing, Access and Inclusivity

We are determined to allow access for all ages, abilities  genders, cultures and family types. Ours is a culture of acceptance and encouragement of being true to one’s beliefs, as long as our actions do not harm others.


We have attempted to keep pricing to a minimum without sacrificing essential resources (particularly our wild team a number of whom volunteer their time and energy). We are offering reduced prices for those who are able to help out during the camp. We are also opening up a gift option for those who might like to help families or individuals in challenging circumstances to be able to join the tribe so please consider this if it is a possibility for you.


Though camping and living is basic, and requires a reasonable level of mobility and health (some walking up and down hills, across creeks etc), one can take a restful approach, and we will provide some vehicle ferrying for those who can’t move down to the creek and back.



Additional Information

Style of Booking

Elder (full payment), Family (deposit), Adult under 60 years, no children (deposit), Mentor/Volunteer, Mentor/Volunteer with family (deposit), Dungog Local Child 5+years days only full payment), Dungog Local child Day and Dinner (deposit)


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