Wildcraft Australia

The team at Wildcraft Australia have been facilitating wilderness education, nature-based experiences and activities, and immersion in the Australian bush since 2014.

Your guides enjoy sharing their skills with children and adults of all ages, and at one of our Wildcraft courses you might learn practical as well as internal bush skills. On a practical level, participants might learn (among many other possible bush skills) to build a shelter from all natural materials, to make a fire by friction, to taste bush food, to process plants to make string, to make a knife or a longbow, to collect and prepare fibre for weaving, and to find and use natural dyes (many of these skills leaned form their Yolngu teachers whom they visit each year in East Arnhem Land).

Your guides live in the bush and are regularly nourished by quiet time in nature, and it is a fundamental part of the process of Wildcraft to share techniques and provide time and space for participants to slow down, to engage the senses into the landscape, to consider, interpret, as well as be confident in, and inspired by, the natural world around us all, no matter where we are.

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