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    Nikki Brown

    Bushwalking with her Grandfather sparked Nikki’s interest in nature.  Later, after scouting and mountaineering, Nikki discovered bush survival skills. She has since studied with many wilderness educators including Jon Young, Nature Philosophy Australia, Wilderness Awareness School and Deep Ecology with Joanna Macey. Nikki spent 2010 living in the bush, employing all of her bush survival skills.

    Sam New

    Passionate about living simply, Sam has learnt and researched bush skills since he was a lad. A perfectionist and a bush scientist, Sam researches, tests and experiments to find the best ways of doing things. Sam’s knowledge is deep and combined with his  humor and fantastic storytelling ability, there’s never a dull moment.

    Jo New

    With a background in design, art and architecture and an enduring passion in all things natural and sustainable, Jo has focused on learning the ancient skills of foraging, preparation, dying, weaving and cord making, as shared by the Yolngu women visited every year in Arnhem Land by Jo, Sam and their 2 children.

    Mahli Hawke

    A qualified school teacher – with additional training in nature immersive education –  who finds wild nature to be the best ‘classroom’ to work in. Mahli is determined to co-create ‘wild village’ experiences, and through imaginative storytelling, encouraging curiosity, and nature play, Mahli is in his element guiding the young and young at heart.


    Nature is your greatest teacher. If you cannot come to a course, just get outside and spend some time observing and learning from the masters


  1. Jae Eddison May 14, 2017 8:44 am


    I have a 9 year old son who would love to learn how to make a shoot a bow and arrow, make a shelter in the bush and find and cook his own food. Finding opportunities to do this in the city is challenging! We also have a 1 year old who’s at the putting everything in his mouth stage of life and an 11 year old who thinks he’s 18. We’d love to do something together as a family that is safe but challenging for everyone ( just safe for the baby he provides his own challenges).

    We’re on a tight budget as mum is not working so we’re looking for something affordable.

    A friend suggested we contact you to find out about available opportunities around August or September this year,


    • September 4, 2017 1:56 pm

      Hi Jae, We have been in touch via email but here is our reply for anyone else who might have the same question:

      You have found the right place! We love to support children on their wilderness journeys, and we also always consider safety on our courses: we have young children too and understand your concerns.

      Affordablity wise – we offer a very cheap midweek program called ‘bubs (and kids) in the bush’. That is one tuesday a month – which may or may not suit you??
      We may start offering it one weekend a month too if there is interest.

      Otherwise our Wildcraft Camp school holiday programs have a tiered pricing structure
      $80/child/day for one child for one day
      $70/child/day for one child for two days or two children for 1 day
      $60/child/day for one child for three days or three children for one,two or three days.
      Under 4 years are free.

      That said – we may be offering something slightly different in the Jan School holidays so there may be some variation on that – still the above will give you an idea of prices.

      Also we sometimes offer a WWooF style exchange for those who could help out in some way. We are also having a few working bees this year too, where we will do ‘projects’ in the mornings and bush skills in the afternoons.

      We’d love to have your kids along as they seem to have a keen interest in the sort of things we do. So lets keep the conversation going and work out a way to make it work for you.


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